Thursday, 24 November 2011

Freewill and language

When I finally got round to reading what the current thinking on freewill was, I have to say I was pretty disappointed. There seem to be in general a view that freewill and cause and effect cannot co-exist, or in other words the ability to predict actions therefore makes them non free. This is nonsense.

Mainly it seems obvious to me that thought is not fundamental to the universe, you perceive the universe you are not of the universe. This however does not imply that there is some other force at play in thought, merely that you cannot define thought as a bunch of atoms interacting, not least because the only way we know there are atoms is because we perceive them.

This line of thought has however forced me to expand my beliefs, as well as the barrier between thought and language I also believe there is a barrier between the universe, thought and language. A fairly logical step I think.

This turned out a lot more succinct than I though it would, hopeful it’s still clear.